Below are links to videos of interviews with David Beasley
in which he talks about the books he has written and published.
Simply click on a link and the video will open and play in a pop-up window.

About David (1:11 min)
Aspects of Love (7:51 min)
From Bloody Beginnings (4:45 min)
Chocolate for the Poor (Part 1) (4:49 min)
Chocolate for the Poor (Part 2) (7:50 min)
The Canadian Don Quixote (0:52 min)
A Hamilton Romance (6:58 min)
Understanding Modern Art (9:19 min)
Through Paplagonia with a Donkey (1:14 min)
Sarah's Journey (7:26 min)
That Other God (0:47 min)
Who Really Invented the Automobile? (3:34 min)
The Jenny (8:40 min)
Violet's Flight (3:02 min)
McKee Rankin and The Heyday of American Theatre (2:22 min)




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