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From Bloody Beginnings - Sources for the book

McKee Rankin and the Heyday of the American Theatre
A FREE document listing all of Rankin's performances and the role played is available here in PDF or MicroSoft Word format. "Rankin's Roles" comprises every role Rankin played with play and theatre from 1860 to 1914.

Taking Sides
Political and social divisions in the Niagara area from 1780 to 1845.
The following essay was intended to be given as a talk with emphasis on slide illustrations at the Niagara Falls (Canada) Public Library in June 2011 as part of The Making of Niagara lecture series. Since the lectures previous to mine were poorly attended, the organizer cancelled mine a couple of days before I was to give it. Thus I present it here in recompense.


Representing my ancestor Richard Beasley, Colonel of the 2nd York Regiment of Militia, I greeted General Isaac Brock on August 7, 2012 on Burlington Heights as he gathered volunteers to take with him to Amherstburg to defend the western country against an American invasion from Fort Detroit. I gave the talk with illustrations at the Coach House of Dundurn Castle.


 A close look at the battle in which Richard Beasley from the 2nd York and others from the 5th Lincoln were charged with cowardice for political reasons and the dissection of such charges to illustrate their improbability.



Click to enlarge Here are the pictures from a Hamilton Newspaper, probably from the 1920s, when Sir John Gibson reads the inscription on the monument at Dundurn, Burlington Heights, about the Loyalists and Richard Beasley, which I refer to in my blog “Creative nonfiction and our history” entered on Oct 4, 2014. Some of Richard Beasley’s descendants are present, according to the newspaper.
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